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Nourish thals with love, not sympathy.
Fatimid Foundation

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Did you Know? Did You Know
Thalassemia is the most common genetic disease in Pakistan.

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About US

The Group: FAiTh - Fight Against Thalassemia
The FAiTh group is dedicated to support, serve and love people with Thalassemia and their families. We intend to create a general, massive awareness about the illness and motivate people to support Thalassemia patients.
The Mission
Our core mission is to educate public about Thalassemia and its effects on society, identify its cure and treatment, support the patients in every sector, enhance their quality of life and develop an effective channel between patients and supporters/donors.
The Team
Salman Mehmood - Founder:
The idea of developing an online medium to facilitate people and families with Thalassemia with information and support came from Salman. Salman was a 24 year old Thalassemic. Salman was the developer of this website. He is no longer among us, but his cause will now be lead by his sister Ayesha Mehmoood and his cause will keep him alive.

Ayesha Mehmood - Official Spokesperson:
She is sister of Salman, she is also thalassemic patient. She manages our blood bank, guide people who call us or email us for help regarding blood needed anywhere in Pakistan, along with Farman Ahmed she arrange blood camps as much as possible, she also manages content on thalassemia blog / site and marketing about blood donation camps and registrations.
Cell: 92-332-3080461

Farman Ahmed - Lead Coordinator & Facilitator:
A qualified engineer and one of the earliest members, Farman Ahmed, has been organizing neighborhood blood donation campaigns over the last five years to make sure that Thalassemicís have the precious blood they need to survive. Even though these blood drives were successful, he felt that more was needed. Farman is responsible to hold public campaigns for the collection of blood, and facilitate coordination between Sponsors/donors and effected families. He can be reached at:
Cell: 92-300-9290651

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