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To stay alive, children born with thalassemia must undergo blood transfusions every two weeks.

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There are many ways for you to join the fight against Thalassemia and contribute to this important cause. Any sort of help no matter how large or small would count. We need your support in the following sectors:
Give blood…Thalassemia patients are the largest users of blood supplies world over. As a result, keeping our blood banks well stocked is of primary importance. By giving blood or arranging blood donation campaigns (blood drives) in your community, you can provide a lifeline to Thalassemic’s across the country. For more information about donating blood, contact us.
This campaign started with 4 people working as the core team members. But with every passing week and a person-to-person awareness campaign, the number of volunteers joining our mission is increasing. You are also welcome to become a part of this cause by being a volunteer for this campaign. Being a volunteer does not mean that you will be asked to work long hours or give a great deal of your time and effort. You will only be required to work on a person-to-person campaign at your school/college/university, at work, at gym or playground, in the neighborhood or with friends. You can also arrange a sitting for 20 minutes at any place where we can come and deliver a presentation to create awareness.
To become a Volunteer, there is no restriction of age, gender, cast, religion or area. The only pre-requisites are a cell phone or an email account and a kind heart. Please see the contact details to find out more.
You can be a part of this campaign to make sure that the voices of Thalassemia patients and their families are heard country-wide by joining our advocacy (awareness) program (Contact us to learn more).
If you are a Thalassemia patient, family member or friend and would like to help other patients deal with the challenges of living with Thalassemia, we invite you to join our patient support group. The patient support group helps Thalassemic’s and their families find sponsors and better medical resources.
If the patient of a chronic illness belongs to a family with insufficient financial resources, the suffering adds up. Sponsoring the medical expenses of a Thalassemic can help the family fight the illness with strength. In Pakistan, sponsoring the routine monthly treatment expenditures of a Thalassemic does not mean a high budget expense (less than Rs. 1500). Please contact us to know more.

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