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Nourish thals with love, not sympathy.
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In Thailand, 600,000 people - 1% of the population - have a severe form of thalassemia. The vast majority of these suffer from the Hemoglobin H form of the disease, although there are a large number of E beta thalassemics as well. About 1,250 babies die from hydrops featlis annually, either before or shortly after birth.

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Welcome to Thalassemia.Com.PK's Blood Donor System, right now it is in beta phase and we are only taking donor registrations right now. For those who got here to request for blood donors I apologize we don't have that facility right now, But we will be launching it pretty soon, For now you can contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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Confirm yourself as attendant for Blood camp in Karachi on 10th & 11th January. Click here for more information.

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