Section I: What is Thalassemia? How is it Inherited?
Section II: Thalassemia Major
Chapter   1. What Happens in Thalassemia Major?
Chapter   2. So You Want to know More?
Chapter   3. Questions about Blood Transfusion
Chapter   4. Questions about Bone-Marrow Transplantation
Chapter   5. Questions about Iron Overload and Desferal
Chapter   6. Questions about Splenectomy
Chapter   7. Other problems in Thalassemia

(Not Recommended for Childrens under 18)
Chapter   8. Problems about Puberty
Chapter   9. Questions about AIDS
Chapter 10. Questions about the Future
Section III: Introduction : Thalassemia Intermedia
Chapter   1. The General Picture
Chapter   2. Particular Problems in Thalassemia Intermedia
Section IV: Thalassemia Associated with an Abnormal Hemoglobin
Section V: Psychological Problems